Casino apps bonus

Since the casino apps industry is a very competitive one, developers are always looking for new ways of attracting customers. One of the best ways is with the help of specific casino apps bonus, targeted at prospective users.

What Is A Casino Bonus

There are a lot of different types of casino bonus money, but the first one which you are going to come across is the welcome bonus. When you deposit money at a casino for the first time, you are given between a 25% and 100% bonus for free just for signing up.

This sounds very good, and that’s exactly how it’s meant to sound. But there’s nothing like a free lunch, and you shouldn’t rely on a casino for their generosity. After all, they won’t be in business unless they were making money right? The catch here is that you will not be able to withdraw the bonus until you have used it to bet a certain number of times. This is called the wager requirement. It’s also called the playthrough.

Casino apps bonusIf you’re wondering why there’s a wager requirement, then the simple answer is so that casinos can protect themselves. If all smart gamblers could quit while ahead, the houses would lose money all the time. So the wager requirement is a sort of countermeasure to ensure this doesn’t happen.

That’s why it is essential that you read the terms and conditions before signing up with any of these services. This will have an effect on how you gamble and this is why some experts prefer certain apps over others.

How can you benefit from this bonus money? Well, you could try to go with luck or you could choose to play smart like a pro.

Go for stable games where the chance of winning is high. Go for games which call for skill and don’t just depend on chance. This is why Blackjack and Poker are so popular online.

Learn as many strategies as you can when it comes to the game you’ve chosen. An optimal strategy will help you get one up over the casino. You are going to lose money, but since it’s actually the casino’s money you are losing, as long as you don’t lose all of it, you will still come out with something.

Also, try your best to restrain bets till you can meet the wager requirement. After that you can play as you please since you will be able to make a withdrawal whenever you want.


Getting accurate and reliable data when it comes to gambling turnover is not an easy task. You may feel like collecting this data should be an easy task, but it actually isn’t.

There are issues which surround what an individual session means too. Most studies have shown that any questions, when it comes to expenditure, should be precise if they are to be answered correctly.

Another question many people are asked is, how much money have you won or lost? This can help you calculate net expenditure, and the results of several studies here are quite interesting, too. Since all gambling sectors make profits overall, it is assumed that gamblers just don’t make accurate assessments of how much they have won or lost while engrossed in their playing.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are lying, though. There is lots of evidence that losses are under-estimated by gamblers and winnings are over-estimated simply because of heuristics and cognitive biases. Basically, winning experiences are easier to recall while losses tend to be forgotten easily. Remembering victories and forgetting losses is a very consistent finding when it comes to gambling.