Let’s face it: everyone uses their mobile phone for most of the work on a daily basis. So what better way of playing casino games than on your smartphone, too? That’s why here you will look at some of the best casino apps for both iPhone and Android. If you’re still using a Windows phone or any other operating system, then perhaps you will have to consider switching to Android phones or an iPhone at some point – if you’re interested in casino games, they’re the way to go to fuel your passion!

Casino Apps

Some of these apps aren’t available on the App Store or on Google Play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t download them from the casino’s website directly. Just because you’re downloading directly from the website doesn’t mean you will miss out on all the benefits that come with the app. You can still get the special deposit bonuses and everything else. Starting a career in online gambling has never been so easy!

Mobile casino apps are quite popular these days and the convenience of playing with real money from the comfort of your home is second to none. People tend to keep the stakes low when they are playing on their mobile phones, but this doesn’t mean you will win small too. The casino apps discussed here are excellent examples of entertaining and fun programs which offer great payout opportunities.

Android Casino Apps

Reel Rush: This game offers you 3125 (no, the number isn’t made up!) ways in which you can win. It is among the most innovative casino apps ever released by Net Entertainment. It comes with some amazing graphics and offers some really unique features which you will not find anywhere else. With every line win, you get a free re-spin and the ways you will be able to boost your winnings will only increase. The maximum payout you can look forward to is 480,000 coins for every possible spin. This is one of the best Android casino apps out there.

iPhone Casino Apps

casinoapps247Game of Thrones: It’s not just that this casino app has based on the award-winning TV show and the book saga by the same name: there are tons of other reasons why it’s so popular. One of the main reasons, of course, is the high potential for you to win. The max payout is 750,000 coins for the fifteen line version and a mindblowing max of 6,050,000 coins which comes with 243 ways to win. This just makes the game so much more interesting. Some of the rewarding features include things like the bonus round where you could choose to go with the House of Westeros where everything comes with spins and multiplier combinations of its own. Don’t miss this game on your iPhone.

Best Online Casino Apps

Listed above are just some of the best games available on either platform, with a selection of real money winning options. If you’re looking for games which offer huge payouts, progressive jackpots are what you should have your eyes on. Most casino apps have dedicated sections for jackpots where you can find them.

If you’ve played online games in the past, then you would have certainly noticed that the selection of games available on your tablet or mobile phone is much smaller when compared to your PC. The main reason for this is because most games that are played through a browser make use of Flash. As Flash doesn’t work on mobile browsers or smart devices in general, the full selection will never be available on mobile.

It takes a lot of effort and time to convert games for the mobile environments, and this is why most desktop games don’t ever make their way to there. Also, games which aren’t very popular and are old usually aren’t adapted for those platforms either: no matter how beloved they were or still are. The emphasis here is on famous, modern games and multiple jackpots. Nowadays, all of the games are developed using HTML5 which means they can work on mobiles and desktops right away when they are released – so a conversion isn’t necessary anymore.

But even though this is now the norm, there is still a limited selection of mobile casino apps. There are a few which have broken this mold, though. Just take Leo Vegas for example. This new operator has focused on mobile gaming from the get go and has built their gaming selection with providers that have developed a lot of games for mobile play. Not only does this game offer a wide choice of pastimes in its catalog, the website is also optimised quite a bit for touch technology. Plus, you will find a lot of enticing games here, complete with terrific graphics.

Generally speaking, almost all casino apps available nowadays can run both on mobiles and PC. You can access all of them directly through the browser of your device. These apps are compatible with almost every device with no limitations whatsoever. You will also find that to use most apps the minimum system requirements are written on the respective websites, giving you education on this particular field.

Even when it comes to downloading apps, you can easily access this function from your device and start playing within a matter of seconds. As long as you have a mid-level smartphone you should have no trouble playing any of the games listed on this site.